A Sample Director's Guide

One of the hardest tasks facing any amateur theatre group is finding good people who are willing to take on the onerous task of directing a production. When you do find such folks, the next job is to provide them with support and some clear guidelines of what you expect of them, and what they can expect from you.

In an attempt to answer those questions -- and to help new directors in particular -- TCT has developed a Director's Guide. We've included the guide, in slightly modified form, as a part of this site in the hope that the experience behind it might be of use to some of you are in a similar position. We've included the guide pretty much as we provide it to our own directors, and much of the content is geared specifically for our particular setup. However, in browsing through the guide, it is our hope that many of the issues raised and addressed will be similar to those you confront, or that they may prompt you to consider them for the first time.

As with many of our "tech-tips", this sample guide contains the collective wisdom of more than twenty-five years of experience in working with amateur, volunteer directors. The guide was authored by Jess Mark, but is a distillation of the input of all of our board members. It consists of an Introduction, a set of Policies, information on Logistics, and the names, numbers and job descriptions of Resource People.

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