Hand Prop A prop, such as a cane, a handkerchief, or other small item with which an actor can work as a part of his character or the action of the play.
Hand Working Traditional method of raising or lowering scenery or drops by hand-lines from a fly-loft with a pin rail, as opposed to the modern counterweighted systems.
Hang Refers to the process of attaching or "hanging" lighting instruments from pipe battens. A "hang and rough focus" is one of the preliminary steps in preparing the lighting for a show.
Harlequin Perhaps the best-known stock character to have originated from the Commedia dell'Arte. Originally a sharp-witted servant in Italy, he became a simpleton in France and a lackadaisical lover in the British Theatre. Best recognized by his tight-fitting suit of silk diamonds in contrasting colors.
House The entire theatre beyond the front of the stage.
House Lights The lights used to illuminate the auditorium before and after a performance and during intermission. These can range from simple incandescent lighting to grand chandeliers.
House Manager The person charged with managing the auditorium and anything related to the audience. At TCT, the house manager is also charged with supervising the ushers, opening and closing the house, and arranging for hosts to welcome patrons in the lobby.