n addition to the convenience of a full scene shop on the first floor, one of the nicest features of the North Annex is the location of the dressing rooms on the second floor. While quick costume changes must still take place downstairs, the new dressing rooms are a vast improvement over the trips around the Lyric from the board room or nearby buildings -- especially in rainy weather!
Dressing rooms provide plenty of space for costume changes as well as adequate lighting for applying makeup and arranging hair. Full showers are provided in both the mens' and ladies' dressing rooms.

second floor

The rehearsal hall is one of the most appreciated features in the North Annex. Named in honor of long-time choreographer and dance instructor, Mary Alice McAlister, the space allows TCT to hold meetings, casting calls, and some rehearsals upstairs while primary rehearsals are being conducted onstage on the first floor level.

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