ithout the support of the community, amateur theatres such as ours would not be possible. While each person who buys a single ticket is a major contributor in our book, we want to take special notice of those who give more than the price of admission.
Many of the people listed below have been supporters of TCT from its founding in 1969. Many contribute not only to the community theatre, but to many other arts organizations and other charitable causes. And many contribute not only in financial terms, but give substantially of their time and talent.
To each of you, we express our appreciation.

Thank you




Stage Angels

Outback Steakhouse


Executive Producer

Chris Bergmann

David and Donna East

Dr. and Mrs. Rick Griswold

Tish Horton

Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Houin

Mark and Ann Blair Huffman

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Moll

Drs. Fred and Belinda Mothershed

Bud and Lynn Nelson

Alan and Tori Nunnelee

Scott and Annette Reed

Jack and Lisa Reed

Stables Downtown Grill

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Waller

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Warriner

Tom and Semmie Wicker


Terry and Debra Anderson

Dr. & Mrs. Joe N. Bailey, III

Vernon and Kathryn Barrow

David and Melissa Bell

David and Shawn Brevard

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Brevard, Jr.

Bill and Sue Carroll

Pamela J.  Cox

Dr. and Mrs. Jayant Dey

Jack and Dana Foster

Robert and Beth Stone Frick

James and Kaye Gibson

Rep. and Mrs. Steve Holland

Mark and Joy Kellum

Mrs. Jess Mark

Robin and Mimi McGraw

Dr. and Mrs. Hughes Milam

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mitchell, III

Paul and Catherine Dale Mize

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Murphey, III

Charles and Jessica Pigott

Clyde and Margaret Porter

Mr. Ralph Price

Bill and Ann Rice

Rob and Linda Rice

Mrs. Robert E. Rice

Clark and Rothann Richey

Jason Shelton

John and Delores Smith

Otis and Susan Tims

Trustmark Bank

Gerald and Donna Wages

Sam and Michelle Waits

Roger and Gayle Wicker

Joann Wilson

Ronny and Tami Young

Bill and Sarah Young


Kevin and Angela Barrington

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Carnathan

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Chambers

Beverly Clement

Greg and Tracie Conwill

Dave and Liz Dawson

Mike and Kim Deaton

Judge & Mrs. Tommy Gardner

Eugene and Hanna Graff

Mr. R. Hajek and Dr. M. Barnes

Pam and Eddie Helms

Pat Humphrey

Marshall and Sarah Jenkins

Jim and Sarah Karrant

Bruce and Lori Longest

Jonathan and Lisa Martin

John and Dot Mason

Steve McAlilly

Mr. and Mrs. David Neilsen

Mr. Jack Reed, Sr.

Linda Reich

Mr. and Mrs. Don Robertson

Rud and Debra Robison

Dr. and Mrs. Lee Rogers

Dr. and Mrs. James Shirley

Brian Tanner

Dr. and Mrs. Cecil Weeks

Mr. Lee Roy Wells, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Wicker

Whitney and Beverly Williams

Judd and Martha Ann Wilson

Dennis and Sandra Wright


Janie Alexander

Frank and Donna Alford

William and Audra Armistead

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Armstrong

Jon and Elizabeth Arnold

 David Atkins

John and Sherry Avila

Morgan and Renee Baldwin

Mr. & Mrs. Alan M. Bank

Dr. and Mrs. Alex Bibighaus, III

Mr. and Mrs. Don Birchfield

Mr and Mrs. Thomas Bonds

Jewel "Lou" Booth

Mrs. Walter Bourland

Bill and Linda Lee Brawner

Kennedy and Janelle Brown

Charles Caldwell

Pat and Jennifer Caldwell

Rick and Linda Caldwell

Fred and Kaye Cannon

Gayle Carlisle

Joe and Judy Carnaggio

Joe and Bridgett Cash

Mike and Julie Clayborne

Brian and Ruth Condit

Terry and Teresa Cox

  CREATE, Inc.

Leslie Criss and Cheryl Sproles

Karl and Beverly Crossen

John and Jennie Bradford Curlee

Bobby and Martha Dale

Andy and Mitzi Davis

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Deas

Jo Ann Denley

Bob and Victoria Derveloy

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Diffee

Mr. and Mrs. Don Dorsett

Downtown Tupelo Main Street Association

Bert and Danna Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Ellett

Tom and Jo Anne Ethridge

Bud and Margaret Everett

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fandel

William and Deloris Finch

Charles and Trish Fleming

Dr. and Mrs. Eldridge Fleming

Dr. and Mrs. Alan Flowers

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Francis

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Frerer

Bobby and Lucy Gaines

Bobby and Maria Geno

Express Employment Professionals

Lloyd and Sally Gray

Tommy Green

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Grisham

Kenneth and Amanda Griswold

Jane Hammond

 Rubye Del Harden and Roy Jaeger

Mr. and Mrs. Shane Harrington

Craig Helmuth

 Bryan and Patti Henderson

Scott, Marlo and Eron Hendrix

Bob and Cathy Higgins

Brenda and Benton Hilbun

Howard and Sara Hinds

Darell and Diane Hink

Doug and Barbara Holland

Andy and Merrie Hughes

Tom and Karen Hughes

Dr.  And Mrs. Neal Hurt

Charles and Joy Hyatt

Chuck and Sue Imbler

H. F. Jaeckel

 G. Norman James,  Dr. Mary James

Sonja Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby R. Jones

Hampton and Bonnie Jones

Dr. and Mrs. John P. Kenney

Mr. & Mrs. Gayle Kinsey

Charles and Tara Laney

Ginna Parsons and Charlie Langford

Will and Dana Lewis

Duke and Donna Loden

Justin and Stacey Loden

Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Lomenick, Jr.

Mrs. C. E. Lomenick, Sr.

Hugh and Bea Luckett

Tom and Danane Lynch

Dawn Magers

Mr. and Mrs. David Martin

Danny and Amy McClellan

Dr. and Mrs. Randy McCoy

Mary Jane McCullough

Debbie and Carley McKee

Lee and Danny  McKenzie

Joanna and Gray Megginson, Jr.

Jimmy and Nancy Brown Milam

Steve and Christy Miller

Bill and Bonnie Mims

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Monts

William Moore

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Murphree

Dr. and Mrs. Henry W. Nash

Steve and Lucy Nash

Dr. and Mrs. Ken Nester

Jim and Dinetia Newman

Peg Oakes

Suzanne Oakley

Oreck Floor Care

Drs. Matt and Christy Oswalt

 Wallace and Dr. Julie Palmer

Jason and Katie Pannell

Jimmy and Teresa Pappas

Marty and Mimi Pettit

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pifer

Fred and Carol Pitts

Harold and Brenda Plunkett

Mr. Chuck Prestwood

Quail Ridge Engineering

Mrs. James Hugh Ray

LTC Sims and Betty Reeves

Mrs. Frank A. Riley

Ann Rogers

Arvie Roper

David and Donna Rumbarger

Amaline Rutledge

Rosemary and George  Rutledge

Joe and Pat Rutledge

Terry Rutledge

Bill and Millicent Seawright

Bob and Sue Setera

Suzye Sheffield

Mark and Jennifer Shepherd

Jeff and Ellen Short

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sims

Chris and Rhonda Sinclair

Crofton and Camille Sloan

Richmond and Tonya Smith

Dewitt and Zilla Spencer

Jimmy Stephens

Martin Thomas

Jim and Jane Threldkeld

Janice Traywick

Mariam Tucker

Oreck Floor Care

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Umfress

Stephen L. and Vicki W. Vinson

Mr. and Mrs. Heywood Washburn

Fred K. and Linda C. Watson

Chad and Allie West

Mr and Mrs. James Hilton West

Mr. and Mrs. Billy F. Wheeler

Betsy and Albert White

Boyette and Mary Elizabeth Williams

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Williams

Wayne and Suzy Williams

Dr. and Mrs. Marrion Winkler

Josh and Miley Wise

Mr. and Mrs. George Worthen, Jr.



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