e are educators, insurance agents, salespeople, doctors and shopkeepers. We are housewives, attorneys, managers and artists. We are members of Tupelo Community Theatre and we are members of the community.

. . . Tupelo Community Theatre's board members are elected to terms of three years. The terms are staggered - so that approximately one-third of the board members are elected each year, with the other two-thirds of experienced members continuing to serve. An elected board is a tradition that helps define community theatre.

2013 - 2014 Board of Directors



Tracie Conwill- President
Josh Wise -Secretary

Jeff Houin- Vice President
Liz Dawson - Treasurer

Fred Cannon

Bev Crossen

Bobby Geno

Tommy Green

Craig Helmuth

Rosemary Jarrell

Danny McKenzie

Mark Maharrey

Jonathan Martin

Steve Miller

Lynn Nelson

Suzanne Oakley

Rob Rice

Debra Robison

Donna Rumbarger

Beverly Williams

Judd Wilson


Directors Emeritus

Gene Murphy, Ruth Liveakos, Edith Thomas, Jess Mark

Executive Director

Tom Booth

Box Office Manager

Lisa Hall

Tupelo Community Theatre, P. O. Box 1094, Tupelo, MS 38802, 662-844-1935, or e-mail us