Cast List

9 to 5 The Musical


Belinda McKinion                                 Violet

Mary Frances Massey                        Doralee

Karin Irwin                                                Judy

Suzanne Oakley                                           Roz

John Carroll                                              Hart

David Mckell                                            Joe

Scott Angle                                               Dwayne

Derek Russell                                           Dick

Harley Nabors                                         Josh

Women’s Ensemble

Jennifer Cummings

Meg Dennis

Madison Eldridge

Emily Holman

Margaret McGrath

Stacy Smith

Amanda Summers

Brittany Trimble

Men’s Ensemble

Bobby Geno

Jon Ray

John Young

Thanks to all who auditioned. 

If you were not cast please consider auditioning for another TCT production.

Tom Booth



The Importance of Being Earnest



Algy                           J.N. West

Jack                            Jamie Fair

Cecily                        Lesley Tackitt

Gwendoline         Katelyn Stieg

Lady Bracknell     Debby Gibbs

Lane                       Jason Pannell

            Merriman             Nathan Taylor             

Miss Prism            Allana Austin

Dr. Chasuble        Rufus VanHorn




Before you can be on stage, you've got to audition. While TCT has been fortunate to have many people try-out for our plays over the years, we've also had a few times when the casting committee members have sat, scratching their collective heads, and wondering if everyone had decided to leave town that week. The point is, we need you!
This isn't professional theatre -- these are your neighbors -- you don't have to prepare (unless the director requires this, in which case you'll be told what to bring with you). All you need is a desire to be on stage, and you know you have that. Think about all the times you've attended a play -- not necessarily at the Lyric, but anywhere -- and thought to yourself, "I could do better than that", or "That looks like fun!" Everyday, we all "act" a part: we have our "job" personality; we act out our roles as parents, children, and friends; we put on our "best face" when meeting new people. So, you know you can act, and you know you want to be on stage. Take that next small step and become a part of Tupelo Community Theatre!
We've included a sample audition form for you. As you can see, the questions aren't hard and, if you really are hesitating about being in the limelight, try getting your feet wet as a member of the stagecrew. A lot of our best actors and actresses started backstage. We'll see you at the Lyric!

Waiting to audition

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